What classes are we offering during the COVID-19 crisis?

We have implemented new, live online learning platforms which have already been used in other countries where the British Council has a presence. Our student experience has been very satisfactory at global level, and now students in Spain, both young learners and adults, can benefit from our proven experience in quality online learning.

  • Adults: myClass Online is our system for delivering English classes live online, with British Council teachers who will offer you maximum flexibility in the learning process: you can select however many classes you like each week, the time and the subject matter of each one. This way at every moment you can control your rate of learning and you’ll also have our help to guide you through the new tutorial system. With myClass Online you can also prepare for the Cambridge First, Advanced and Proficiency exams. You can request an online level test here and we’ll explain all the opportunities offered in myClass Online.
  • Young Learners: Live online classes for Early Years, Primary and Secondary. These classes are given by our experts in education for children and young people. Our popular programmes include Learning Time with Timmy (Early Years, from 2 to 5 years old), Primary Plus (Primary, from 6 to 10 years old) and Secondary Plus (Secondary and Bachillerato, from 12 to 17 years old). We also continue to offer preparation for Cambridge exams. Online classes include live sessions with a teacher and classmates, and a variety of extra course materials to prepare before or after each session. Our work in Child Protection is more important than ever, so we make use of secure online platforms for children.

How can I contact Customer Services?

Whilst our offices are closed you can contact us via email at hello@britishcouncil.es or by telephone: 911 218 000. We are trying to answer enquiries as quickly as possible, but due to these extraordinary circumstances it may take longer than usual to receive a reply.

Can I transfer a registration to a future course?

We very much encourage you to trial a live online class with one of our teachers. We have developed a series of efficient solutions which will help you to continue improving your level of English. If after participating in one of our online classes you would still prefer to wait until we resume face to face classes, please contact us at hello@britishcouncil.es.

In the case of young learner courses, we also recommend that you try virtual classes with our teachers, which take place in a secure and interactive environment. To guarantee that we complete all course objectives efficiently, and because of the current circumstances, our end of term date for young learners will be put back to Friday 26 June, the end date for our virtual classes.

It’s our intention to make up all classes missed to date in order to finish the course in a satisfactory manner. If this is not possible, we will apply a proportional credit or discount to be used for the following academic year.

Can I register my child in a course for young learners?

At the moment we are concentrating all our efforts on making the change to online classes for current students, so that they can continue to progress with their English learning. Our teams are working hard to adapt our procedures to a 100% online environment, and shortly we will communicate the opening of the new academic year for new courses in which you may register your children. If your child is already studying with us, this communication will be by email.

How can I prepare a Cambridge exam?

In the transition to online platforms, we have included materials for preparing Cambridge exams both for children and for adults. If you are studying with us or your child is attending our classes, we will already have informed you about how you may continue your preparation in the online platforms. Please contact us if you do not have this information.