Cambridge English para niños y jóvenes

British Council

Face to Face or online with a teacher

Take the opportunity to certify their English this summer! Our exam preparation courses will prepare your child to get the best result in exams such as Cambridge Preliminary for Schools B1, First for Schools B2 , Advanced C1 and Proficiency C2. In addition these course are ideal for students who need to give their English a quick boost, with clear short-term goals for those who may be about to change schools or study for a year abroad. Choose the the most suitable option for your child: face to face or online, always with the expert teachers of the British Council.

What's more, if you're one of our own students you get a special discount on the cost of the exam.

What are the main elements of the course?

 Through exercises, practice papers from previous years and tips on technique to pass each section of the exam, our expert exam teachers will make sure that your child will reach the day of the exam with the best preparation possible. 

The course is designed so that students can:

  • perfect the grammar necessary for the exam.
  • improve vocabulary related to the most common themes in the exam.
  • practise all their English skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing.
  • develop their confidence ini English.

What your child will learn

In our summer exam preparation classes your child will:

  • make the most of the summer to certify their English level
  • successfully master exam techniques
  • receive an expert masterclass in Camridge exams with valuable tips and tricks
  • experience a mock exam under real exam conditions
  • have access to the online LearnEnglish Exams online platform to practise at home.

Exam mocks and expert advice

What's more, if your child takes the exam with us, they will have access to a digital platform to practise the different parts of the exam.