Cambridge English para niños y jóvenes

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The best option to certify your child's level of English this summer

We have wide experience in helping more than 75,000 people per year to certify their level of English. This gives us a unique perspective from which to offer Cambridge English Exam preparation classes designed to maximise our students' chance of success.

Our exam preparation courses for Preliminary (PET), First and Advanced give our students the opportunity to obtain a certificate which demonstrates an in-depth understanding of the level.


Course overview

Duration: 4 weeks

Levels: From B1 Preliminary (PET) to C1 Advanced (CAE)

Age: 12 to 17 years

What your child will learn

In our summer exam preparation classes your child will:

  • make the most of the summer to certify their English level
  • successfully master exam techniques
  • receive an expert masterclass in Camridge exams with valuable tips and tricks
  • experience a mock exam under real exam conditions
  • have access to the online LearnEnglish Exams online platform to practise at home.