Bilingual Baby Club

British Council

Their first steps with you in English

This programme, offered by the British Council School, has been developed for parents and children from the age of 9 months to share a directed activity which lays the foundation for a bilingual education in English and Spanish.

Parents and children learning together

As well as enjoying a special time together, you will see how to approach your child’s development, and discover how to use music and sensory experiences to improve their ability to communicate in both languages at the same time.

Course overview

Duration: course runs termly.

Age: 9-24 months

What your child will do

  • You will accompany your child as they take their first steps in English.
  •  We will foster your child’s physical and intellectual growth.
  •  Our educators have experience in children’s education and in the British curriculum.
  •  You will discover how to use different ways to improve their communicative ability in English and Spanish.

Their study options

The Bilingual Baby Club is delivered at the British Council School in Pozuelo de Alarcón, Comunidad de Madrid.