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Playing a part in their own learning

With our English courses for children aged 6 to 11, your child will develop the ability to communicate in English without difficulty and acquire essential skills that will help them continue to improve as they get older. This will help prepare them for future challenges. Our primary English courses are taught by specialised teachers with extensive experience, who know how to create and maintain a motivating learning environment for students of this age. 

Course overview

Your child will engage in projects and tasks about exciting subjects for children of their age. Through activities like games, songs or drama, we enable them to express themselves in English  while consolidating their pronunciation at the same time. They will feel at the centre of their own learning and perform confidently in a setting in which only English is spoken. The English classes for primary school aged children focus on the language skills that students work on at school and help prepare them to meet the specific demands of a challenging academic environment.

All round personal development

Apart from learning English, we'll foster other aspects essential to children's overall development as people. We will work on their social, personal and emotional skills, and encourage abilities like creativity, leadership and critical thought. These are certainly all learning abilities that will be of use to them throughout their lives. 

Duration: three terms between October and June. Please see below for options in your city.

Age: 6 to 11 years.

What your child will learn

With our English courses for primary aged children, your child will:

• lay the foundations to acquire language skills in English language.

• consolidate correct pronunciation. 

• have fun as they get involved in their learning through stimulating projects. 

• develop their creativity, leadership and critical thinking skills. 

• acquire basic skills that will be of use to them in the future.  

• gain the confidence they need to express themselves fluently in English in situations that are familiar to them.

All in a safe, nurturing and inspiring English environment.

Your study options

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Primary Levels

We respect every child's pace and understand that learning is an individual process, which is why we look at their development as a means for establishing a level that will allow them to make the most of their potential. 


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