Our highest quality offer, also available online

Our online summer courses run from Monday to Friday and are the perfect combination of virtual classes with a teacher, projects with clear learning objectives, and individual activities which allow children to absorb the language taught in class. This is how we help children to progress with their English and enjoy learning with us.

Experts in virtual classes

At the British Council we can count on long international experience in virtual English classes. This experience has provided us with specific systems and methodology designed for the online space with proven efficacy over a number of years.

Maximum flexibility

We want your child to take full advantage of the summer to improve their English, so our Summer Online courses have been designed with maximum flexibility in mind. Children can study up to 4 separate weeks in June, July, and August, and on specific dates so that you can easily adapt them to your own summer plans.

Summer International
A new international programme online with our usual high quality of teaching. Discover all the details below.

Secondary: 12 to 17 years

Summer Online courses for young learners at secondary and Bachillerato level are structured as follows:

  • LIVE ONLINE CLASSES WITH A TEACHER: based on Secondary Plus, an exclusive British Council programme which prepares our students to communicate with confidence in English in international environments. In this course they will develop a written project, presentation or debate. These projects will help students to express themselves in English and to develop their communicative abilities, group work, and digital skills - all of which are key competencies in the 21st Century.

Cambridge exam preparation: 12 to 17 years

These courses prepare your child to obtain the best reult in the Preliminary for Schools (B1), First for Schools (B2), Advanced (C1) and Proficiency (C2) exams from Cambridge. Through exercises, practice from real past exam papers and the study of the right techniques to master each of the tests, our expert exam teachers will make sure that your child reaches the day of the exam with the best preparation possible.

EXAM MOCKS AND EXPERT ADVICE: during this course students complete a full practice test and receive detailed feedback on every aspect of the exam. They can also attend a masterclass given by a Cambridge exam expert, in which we will give students essential tips and tricks to maximise their chances of getting the best result in the real exam. 

ONLINE PRACTICE WHEN YOU REGISTER WITH US: what's more, if you register in the exam with us, students will get access to a digital platform to practise each part of the exam.

Summer International: 12 to 17 years

Summer International is a new British Council programme in which Secondary and Bachillerato students choosing this version of Summer Online can enjoy a totally immersive international experience. These classes take place with British Council classmates from other countries in Europe. We are a global organisation with a presence in more than 100 countries, and we'd like our Summer International students to enjoy an experience which will allow them to make maximum progress in their English and acquire all the confidence they need for their international academic future.

Dates, class times and prices

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