Flexible and personalised: book your classes in the MyClass Portal for a whole term or book them week by week. Study at your own pace.

Do you need an intensive course with a fixed timetable? Ask our staff about our pre-booking system.

After making your booking you can come to one of our centres and take your classes with your teacher and classmates.
Hectic life? Don't worry, you can cancel your classes up to 24h before and take live online lessons if you are travelling
Prepare for Cambridge exams and for IELTS or Aptis certificates

MyClass is our new system of English classes, giving you maximum flexibility in your learning programme. You control the pace of your own learning, you can book more classes in the week to construct a more intensive course at any time. We can also guide your learning with our tutorial service MyAdvisory.

So what happens if we have to go back into lockdown? No problem, we can deliver classes through our online portal and you'll be able to continue using your credits and improving your level of English with us wherever you might be.

How does MyClass work?

Everything is managed in your MyClass profile, from there you can choose: 

  • the centre you want to attend
  • your timetable
  • the subject of the class
  • your teacher

All you have to do is book the classes you'd like to attend using your credits, and go to your chosen centre.

A system based on credits

1 credit = 1 class = 90 minutes

The main credit packs are as follows:

20 credits: 20 classes 30 hours of class in total 3 months to use them
40 credits: 40 classes 60 hours of class in total 6 months to use them
60 credits: 60 classes 90 hours of class in total 9 months to use them
80 credits: 80 classes 120 hours of class in total 12 months to use them

The show must go on - online!

  • If you are travelling or can't get to the centre at any time, you'll be able to attend a live online class with a teacher and  continue with the programme.
  • We have a Plan B: if we have to re-enter lockdown, we can move online from one week to the next, we can deliver classes via Zoom with a teacher and your classmates.
  • With MyClub you'll be able to access extra activities at no cost, without using your credits. You'll be able to practise speaking on interesting subjects and give your English skills a boost. You'll be surprised at how useful these sessions are! They are all free and you can attend as many as you like.
  • MyAdvisory Sessions: in these sessions you can talk to a tutor (Academic Advisor) about your objectives in English and the best way of achieving them through our course. You can also ask about how to take exams and get advice on how to prepare for them. These sessions are also free!

Timetables and prices in your city

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Centres where MyClass is available: