English Summer Camp student at class

Summer is the ideal time for your child to enjoy their hobbies and boost their level of English. Our English Summer Camps are the best option for children to learn English whilst having fun and discovering new interests.

SUMMER PLUS - your summer camp in English!

Their best ever summer in English! Summer Plus is a new approach to English summer camps in Spain. The programme is designed by experts to activate children’s learning through fun activities. Summer Plus courses are based on projects such as Minecraft Education, cookery, handicrafts, physical activities and debates, with content adapted to each age group. In addition we'll have Speak Out activities for Secondary and Bachillerato students, to help them gain the confidence they need to speak English with total fluency.

Your children will make tangible progress, learning to express themselves with confidence in English and preparing them for life in the 21st century.

Early Years (4 to 5 years)


For early years students our methodology is based on stories and storytelling, songs, games, and even science projects, handicrafts, physical activity, music and cookery.

Our goal is to create a safe and happy environment so that children can learn and progress naturally with their English.

Primary (6 to 11 years)

Taking the lead in their own learning

Our students make progress with their English while having fun, new experiences. Through a programme consisting of carefully planned linguistic objectives, we ensure that our students assimilate English naturally while enjoying activities in all the following areas:


PRIMARY PLUS - Students will follow the methodology and materials of our famous Primary Plus programme, helping them to improve their level of English in a tangible way. The course programme is based on magazines created by our experts at the British Council, focussed on specific content suitable for this age group. It consists of project-based activities so students can put their English into practice and gain confidence in the language. Additionally our learning hub provides students with online content which they can work on at home.

IMAGINE – let their imagination run riot with reading and storytelling to introduce and acquire new vocabulary and grammar. 
INVENT – students aged 8 or over will work on enjoyable programming projects in Minecraft Education.
CREATE – drama helps our students express themselves with confidence in English; handicrafts develop their creativity. 
MOVE – yoga, dance and other types of multi-sensorial physical activity improve children's agility and develop their confidence in speaking English, along with their team-working skills. 

Secondary (12 to 17 years)


Our Summer Plus Upper Secondary offers our students an enriching linguistic experience which will help them to perfect their English while developing their critical thinking, creativity and problem solving. Through projects in different areas they’ll work on skills and interests to prepare them for a global competitive environment. 

SECONDARY PLUS - a British Council programme specifically designed so that teenagers can progress with confidence in their English language learning, as well as developing other key skills to help them thrive in a global environment, such as critical thinking. They will improve their grammar and vocabulary as well as their expression and comprehension in written and spoken English.

TEAM UP! - Activities for body and mind, including games, group projects and treasurehunting.

PROJECT PLANET - Activities based around themes of environmental protection and sustainability, so that students can improve their expression in English through debates and presentations of their work. They will also improve their problem-solving skills and group work.

SPEAK OUT - we always have an eye on the future, and in these sessions we equip students with the tools necessary to thrive independently in future years. We develop communication skills through projects like preparing a journalistic interview, and creating and presenting a marketing campaign.

FILM-MAKING - Students will become scriptwriters, actors and directors, and create their own film short in English.

Course overview

Duration: 1 - 4 weeks

Levels: beginner to proficiency (A1–C2)

Age: from 4 to 17 years old

Timetables: the main timetable is from 9:00 to 14:00, but some centres offer extended hours. Please consult the Dates, prices and timetables section.

The following centres will be running the Summer Plus programme:

Summer Plus at the British Council School in Somosaguas, Madrid

Classes take place on the magnificent premises of the British Council School in Somosaguas. Students will also have access to extra services so they can enjoy complete immersion in English through a full day.

BREAKFAST: before starting Summer Plus activities.
LUNCH: a nutritious lunch to set students up for the afternoon's activities.
EXTRA TIME: games and activities in English for students who need to need to stay in the centre.
BUS SERVICE: a great variety of pick-up points, provided by the centre on registration.

It's all about the future