Much more than English lesson

English Extra- Much more than English classes

When you enrol at the Las Rozas centre, you can enjoy a wide range of free activities and services that will complement your language-learning experience.

Please see below for details of all the activities available this term.

Adults and Upper Secondary: Free 'Speaking Extra' sessions

Adult and Upper Secondary students can book a free ‘Speaking Extra’ session on the Student Portal! Speaking Extra consists of a 20-minute speaking lesson (up to 5 a term), with one teacher and 1 - 3 students of the same level.

You can ask to do something specific, for example speaking exam practice or review of a difficult grammar area. Otherwise, the teacher will have a speaking activity prepared for you to do, and will do some error correction afterwards. Practise your speaking and have fun!

Important for Upper Secondary students: Speaking Extra sessions are booked through the student's profile, NOT the parent one.

Adults and Upper Secondary: Free 'Writing Extra' on the Student Portal

Join our Writing Extra group on the Student Portal, and each week you can send us your written work and receive personalized correction and feedback.

Adults: Language Clinic

Based on the book "500 dudas" written by 3 British Council teachers, the language clinic tries to clarify a language point that Spanish speakers using English tend to have problems with. See posters in the centre and the Student Portal for dates and times.

Early Years and Primary: Storytelling

We organize storytelling sessions throughout the year for our Early Years and Primary students. Last year, these included sessions to celebrate International Women's Day, the International Day of People with Disabilities and Earth Day. See posters, the Student Portal and newsletters for more information.