English Extra- Much more than English classes

When you enrol at the Segovia centre, you can enjoy a wide range of free activities and services that will complement your language-learning experience.

Please see below for details of all the activities available this term.

Workshop for Primary students and parents

On 15th and 16th of January we’ll start our teaching year with a workshop for Primary students and their parents. Our students will design a healthy lifestyle routine for their parents. We’re sure there’ll be great ideas in those small minds!

Storytelling session for Red y Indigo students

On 23rd January our Red and Indigo students will enjoy a special storytelling session in which they’ll create the characters’ story out of clay! A professional potter will be here to help them. Roll up your sleeves!

English Extra for Secondary

On 29th January we’ll meet up again for another creative session to record the next episode of our soap opera podcast. Yes, the mic is yours.

Workshop for parents

On 30th and 31st January the parents of our students will be able to gather and talk about how to help their children to be successful learners of English. Don’t leave your homework for the last minute!