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English Extra - Much more than English classes

When you enroll your son/daughter in the British Council Barcelona Amigó Teaching Centre, in addition to attending our classes to improve his/her English, the whole family will be able to enjoy a great variety of services and complementary activities.

Below you will find a description of these activities. During the year we will get in touch with you to inform you about the specific dates.

Activities for Primary Students and Families

Storytelling Sessions in the Library

Come along to one of our weekly story telling sessions in the library and have fun listening in English with your child.

Christmas card Painting Competition

Your child will be invited to get festive and join us on a Saturday morning to create a Christmas themed image for the British Council Christmas card. Winning designs will be used in our Christmas greetings message.

Art Competition

As part of the summer course, your child will be invited to let their imagination go wild and create an image based around specific themes for the British Council Global calendar.

Seasonal Competitions and Cultural Week

Throughout the year, your child will be given the chance to participate in a range of competitions based on seasonal themes, for example, Halloween, Easter and World Book Day. We also run a range of fun activities and competitions during our annual Cultural Week.

Open Classes

Come and participate in your child´s English class and have the chance to see your child´s learning progress first hand.

Activities for Secondary Learners

Pick and Mix Workshops

Throughout the year, we offer a range of different free clubs and workshops for Secondary students including Drama Skills workshops, Short Film Making Club and Presentation Skills workshops. Your child will have the chance to have fun and make new friends while learning new skills.

Academic Support and Cambridge Exam Activities

Free Exam Techniques Workshops (KET/PET/FCE/CAE)

Is your child working towards doing the KET, PET, FCE or CAE exams? If so, our extra sessions of reading, use of English, speaking and listening will help them get the best mark possible in each of the different exam papers.

We also offer the chance for your child to see what a real exam feels like with our Free Saturday KET and PET mock.

Oral Exam Practice

If your child is taking a Cambridge exam, they will receive free practice oral exams with examiners who can give them expert advice to help them feel confident on the big day.

Extra Academic Support in the Library

Get some extra one-to-one support for your child with a teacher who can help them with specific areas such as writing or exam techniques. These sessions can be booked through the library.

Informative Talks for Parents and Young Learners

A wide range of talks are offered throughout the year. Come along and find out more.

How to help your child with their English (for parents)

Learn how to have a positive impact on your child’s learning by helping them practise outside the classroom. Learning together can be fun!

Studying in the UK (for parents and students)

Is your child thinking of studying at a university or school in the UK? Get advice about how to apply and get answers to those all-important questions.

How to help your child stay safe online (for parents)

Learn how to keep your child safe online and how to advise him/her on responsible internet usage.

Information about Cambridge Exams (for parents and students)

Is your child thinking of taking a Cambridge exam soon? If so, learn more about the range of exams on offer for young learners, what´s involved in each one and how these exams can be useful for the future.

Techniques for Telling Stories to your Child (for parents and children)

Would you like to practice your English by telling stories to your child? Have fun together while learning some useful techniques to bring stories alive for the whole family.

Learning to Learn workshop (for students)

Your child will discover how they can improve their English, stay motivated and become a more independent learner.

Introduction to the British Council Apps and Online Resources (for parents & students)

Discover the wide range of British Council Apps and Learn English websites to enhance your family´s learning experience outside of the classroom.