How to access the digital library.


How do I register? Click here and once you have generated your username and passoword you will receive two emails to activate your subscription to the Digital Library and to set up your access to MyLoft, the access portal. 
I am a student/client. While you are a student at the British Council, you will benefit from a totally free subscription. You should have received a link in a newsletter, otherwise you can subscribe to the Arts Newsletter. 
I am already a member, what is the easiest way to login?  You can login with your user number and password
What browser do I need for the digital library? The British Council Digital Library works with Chrome or Microsoft Edge and when you download the MyLoft application you will need to install the MyLoft extension  
How do I find my membership number? In the welcome email you received or in the portal: -> my account -> Membership number
How do I access the library resources?  British Council Library -> my account -> Login -> Launch Digital Library Portal -> Recursos Electronicos -> Base de datos -> 
What is MyLoft?

 MyLoft is a the portal that gives you access to the different platforms which make up the Digital Library from which you can take advantage of all the resources. You can download MyLoft on your computer or your mobile device. Here are some guides on how to download it and use it.  

Guides for MyLOFT with iOS

Guides for MyLOFT with Android


I can't see the content in the MyLoft Database Restart your connection with MyLoft  (Logging off and entering your username and password again) My Loft is only compatible with Chrome and Microsoft Edge.  Make sure you have installed the MyLoft extension on your browser. 

FAQ about eBooks and Audiobooks

The Digital Library works like our usual library with a book lending service which you can consult and return online.                                                                                              Click here: British Council Digital Library eBooks and Audiobooks  
Can I download books on any device?

On your desktop/laptop you can download your book/audiobook on to your e-reader via Adobe Digital Editions. 

On your devices download PocketBook to read ebooks and audiobooks. 

The system, however, is not compatible with Amazon Kindle.

How can I reserve a book?  To place an audiobook or eBook title on hold, go to the book you want to borrow and click the hold button. A success message will be displayed, along with your place in line.
How do I see which books are available?  In the RBDigital, click on the search icon (top right), search -> ebooks -> advanced search -> availability
How many books can I borrow at a time? 

You can borrow up to four e-books and have one on reserve. 
If you change your mind and would prefer to reserve another book you can cancel your reservation in RBDigital  following this route: click on Menu (three bars in the upper left hand corner) My account -> Holds -> click on the cross to remove your book from the waiting list. 

FAQ about Magazines and Newspapers

Magazines and Newspapers introduction Click here: British Council Digital Magazines and Newspaper 
Can I download newspapers and magazines?

 Yes, you can read newspapers and magazines online and download them on your computer or device via Pressreader which you can find and download at your App Store / Playstore.

Press reader will ask for you username and password which you created for the library. Open the application, search for the publication that you want to see and start reading. 

FAQ about Concerts online

From the mythical Queen concert at the Wembley to the documentary about Adele, the Qello platform gives you opportunity to enjoy the best music.  More information 
How do I renew my credential?    The credential is valid for 7 days, once this time is up you will need to renew it by visiting MyLoft  (the checkOut Process). Follow these steps to renew your access to Qello: Begin session -> Recursos Electrónicos -> base de datos -> Conciertos -> CheckOut -> Access

FAQ about Training videos

Access training videos  More information 
Can I download a course? You can all the courses you want in streaming while you are connected, but you cannot download them. 

FAQ about Plays online.

Enjoy world class plays in the comfort of your home.  More Information
Can I download a play? You can watch any play you want in streaming while you are connected, but you cannot download them. 

FAQ about Academic and Reference Books

Ebook Central offers authoritative information and eBooks from trusted publishers in all academic subject areas. More information 
Can I download reference ebooks? Yes, once you have downloaded them you will need Adobe Digital Edition to read them. You can download up to 10 documents for a period of two weeks maximum.

If you need more infomation please contact us at and we will be pleased to help.