Digital Library - Aprende a utilizar un nuevo software

Hoonuit has thousands of short videos which cover more than 500 of today’s most popular software applications on PCs and Macs. The site also offers valuable job training and career development advice.

Logging in

You only need one login for seven of our resources: eBooks, audiobooks, music concerts, movies, training resources, comics, and magazines. You can create this the first time you use the platform MyLOFT, and use your login and password for all seven.

To use MyLOFT App, please watch the videos below to help you set up your app:

Getting Started with MyLoft on iOS 

Getting Started with MyLoft on Android 

Can I download the training videos?

No, you can only view the training videos online on your device. You can save items for later so that you can go back to your training as and when you need.