Alumna de nuestro curso online de business English

Discover what LearnEnglish can do to elevate our English at the worksplace. Improve your capacity to find the job you are looking for, develop your skills in interviews and learn how to function at the workplace with confidence.  

In each level, the videos of the tutors and the settings of a profesional environment will guide you through the materials and will explain the key words and gramatical pointers, offering you the necessary vocabulary  that you need for your profesional growth.

Duration and Subscription

  • Monthly subscription plan: £5.99 monthly
  • Payment method: Online, using Mastercard or Visa (debit or credit card)
  • Duration: each level has eight modules with a total of 48 clases of self-study, and requires 20 to 25 hours of study time. 

What you will learn

  • To comunicate effectively in a variety of profesional situations, including meetings, talks and presentations. 
  • To apply for a job and prepare for the interview. 
  • To develop grammar and vocab focused on the working environment. 
  • To establish contacts with other profesionals of diferent sectors.


We have courses in six levels from begginer to advanced.