Mucho más que clases de inglés

English Extra- Much more than English classes

When you enroll at the Barcelona Amigó centre, you can enjoy a wide range of free activities and services that will complement your language-learning experience.

You can read the details of some of our activities below, but you must confirm in your centre the events available. It’s very easy to register: You just need to log in on our Student Portal, select the activities you want to attend and book your place.

Face to face - advisors

Face to face advisors are available to help you if you need extra practice in a particular area of English. They can also give you information about the British Council assessment and in-class counselling system.

The sessions have a duration of 20 minutes.

Breakfast club

Join us for a lovely chat with one of our teachers!


Conversation Club

Come and practice your listening and speaking skills with other British Council students.


Pronunciation Extra

Come along to our popular 30 minute pronunciation workshops where you’ll get the chance to work on some more difficult areas of English Pronunciation.

Culture Club

Come and join our Culture Club so you can learn about the British culture topics (literary genre, cinematographic, musical, etc...) and then participate in activities led by a teacher with other British Council students.

Language Clinic

Our 45 minuts session in the Language Lab focuses on the different components of the language (vocabulary, grammar, etc..). Furthermore, you will receive tips to put in practice what you've learned in class (phrasal verbs, false friends or conditionals are some topics of our Language Clinic).

Presentation skills workshop

Public speaking is one form of verbal communication, but you will need other forms to give a good presentation. Practice and improve your presentation skills.

Interview skills workshop

Interview tips

Practice the skills you need to perform well in a job interview in English.

Film Club

Discover, enjoy and learn with our British selection films listening to the original version.

Exam preparation skills

Are you working towards the FCE or CAE exams? If so, join our sessions to get some tips to boost your performance.

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