A teacher playing with children in the Madrid Young Learner library

British Council

The main aim of the Madrid Young Learners Resource Centre is to help students with their English learning and to support teachers in their daily teaching tasks. We have around 22.000 resources available and offer a wide range of services and activities.

Join our library and get access to:

  • A lending and reference service - including a range of Early Years, Primary and Secondary fiction and non-fiction books suitable for students between the ages of 2-17; magazines; DVDs; audiobooks; CDs and CD-ROMs; songs for children; self-study resources; exam practice books; and reference material (encyclopaedias, dictionaries, thesaurus, atlas, etc)
  • Computers and laptops - the resource centre has 8 computers and 24 laptops with specific programmes that can be used in class and individually
  • Classroom visits - students can visit the Resource Centre with their teacher for research or study purposes
  • Recommendations - we offer our customers excellent suggestions depending on the student’s level. This service can be requested at any time of year
  • Reading and Writing Circle - we host highly successful and popular clubs for students who enjoy reading and writing and want to further develop their skills in detail
  • Projects with technology resources - with their classes teachers can use a variety of resources such as PlayStation Portables, ActiVotes, voice recorders, video cameras, Wii, Play Station 3 and more
  • Resources for teachers - we have a wide range of coursebooks; supplementary materials; story packs, puppets and games; electronic resources; games for students; magazines; worksheets; class sets of books; and photocopiable material
  • Cultural programme - every year the resource centre celebrates a full week of cultural activities, events and workshops, where our students are the main protagonists. Every year we also produce a professionally bound book of stories and involve our off-site schools to take part in this great project. The book is a mirror of the hard work and effort put in by students, teachers and coordinators behind this programme.


Registered British Council students automatically become members of the Resource Centre. 

All British Council staff are considered customers of the Resource Centre.

The student ID card is not necessary to borrow resources. Students may use the service simply by giving their name and surname.

Our opening times and contact details

Address: Pº General Martínez Campos, 31, 28010 Madrid  
Email: madrid.younglearners@britishcouncil.es
Telephone: 91 337 3593 / 91 337 3601

Monday 13.30-20.45
Tuesday 11.30-20.30
Wednesday 13.30-21.30
Thursday 11.30-21.30
Friday 13.15-20.30


Sunday Closed

The library will remain closed from 23/12/19 to 07/01/20.

During the Summer the library will be open from Monday to Friday at the following times:

17-21 June 19 11.00-18.30
24 June-31 August 19 08.30-15.45
September 19 13.15-20.30

Borrowing rules

  • Students should return or renew borrowed materials on the date indicated inside of the book or DVD material. You can renew a loan if another student is not waiting for the same material
  • Students must not damage or write in the books

Borrowing allowances are as follows:


3 books 1 week

3 books 2 weeks

3 books 1 month


1 DVD 1 week

1 DVD 1 week 1 DVD 1 week
Magazines 3 magazines 1 week 3 magazines 1 week 3 magazines 1 week
Fiction 3 books 1 week 3 books 2 weeks 3 books 1 month
Grammar books 3 books (including CDs) 2 weeks 3 books (including CDs) for 2 weeks 3 books (including CDs) 2 weeks