Aptis ESOL can help you to ensure your staff have the appropriate English skills to deliver your objectives and contribute to business performance. 

Ensure performance in the workplace

Aptis ESOL tests the skills required to communicate in English in real-life situations. Its design helps you ensure your staff will be able to communicate effectively and confidently with partners, stakeholders and customers. 

Choose a test you can trust

Developed by British Council language assessment experts, Aptis is underpinned by ongoing academic research and thorough quality assurance.  

Highly accurate and reliable results help you minimise the reputational risks associated with poor English skills. Find out more about how Aptis is scored.  

Aptis ESOL is regulated by The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation in England (Ofqual).  

For more information about Aptis ESOL for your organisation, please contact us at myexam@britishcouncil.es.