Aptis for teens

Reliable and accurate English language testing is essential for improving student learning and raising the quality of language education. 

Aptis for Teens can be integrated into education systems, allowing students’ English levels to be measured effectively and efficiently over time.  

Aptis for Teens offers CEFR mapped assessment at all levels for students and teachers.  

Underpinned by the latest research in English assessment, Aptis for Teens test design, scoring and delivery are managed to the highest quality assurance and monitoring standards. 


Aptis for Teens is a four-skills, computer-based English test designed for school-age learners and Education Institutions that assesses levels from A1 to C1 on the CEFR.  

It is the perfect test for teenagers between 13 and 17 years old, as the test is adapted to reflect the activities and scenarios that occur in a teenager’s everyday life.  

Aptis for Teens offers superior customised flexibility, with on-demand delivery when you want, where you want and how often you want.  



  • It is a reliable and accurate English language test, which is essential for improving learning and raises the quality of language education. 
  • Aptis for Teens offers CEFR mapped assessment at all levels for teenagers taking the test. 
  • Aptis for Teens offers flexibility, students can take the test when and where they need. 
  • Allows teenagers to show their English skills as topics are familiar to them. 



Aptis for Teens was developed by British Council assessment experts, validated and backed by intensive research and based on more than 80 years of experience. Its main features are: 

  • Computer delivered: the test is 100% computer based in supervised face-to-face sessions.  
  • Remotely marked: reading, listening, grammar and vocabulary are marked automatically; speaking and writing by trained examiners.  
  • Quick results: quick, safe, precise results in just 48-72h. 
  • CEFR aligned: the test is mapped to the Common European Framework of Reference (A1-C2).



The test includes one section for each skill (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) and a core component of grammar and vocabulary. 

  • Grammar and vocabulary: 25 minutes 
  • Reading: 30 minutes 
  • Writing: 50 minutes 
  • Listening: 55 minutes 
  • Speaking: 12 minutes 



Aptis for Teens is marked with a numerical score on a scale of 0 to 50 for each of the four language skills, plus a numerical score for grammar and vocabulary component. 

CEFR level: the results include a CEFR level by skill and an overall CEFR, calculated from the CEFR levels assigned for each skill. 

Check out a Technical Report Aptis for Teens: Analysis of Pilot Test Data

Remember to check which exam is the best regarding your necessities. If you have any doubts, just contact us. 

Aptis for Teens can be integrated into existing education systems in any type of school. With Aptis for Teens, your Education Institution can improve students’ learning and raise the quality of English.  

With Aptis for Teens, you can: 

  • Place students in the right courses. 
  • Assess readiness for taking high-stakes certificated exams. 
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses to inform teaching. 
  • Evaluate learning programmes. 

Test students’ progress over extended period of study. 

“I had never taken one of these exams, the truth is, it was a little difficult but worth it” 

“As it’s done on the computer, you don’t take that long, the listening is clear and you can see the timing”

Testimonials: Santo Tomas de Aquino School Inca, Mallorca and Puerto Rosario School, Islas Canarias

If you want to explore Aptis ESOL options for your education institution, the British Council can also offer dedicated sessions of Aptis ESOL General and Aptis ESOL Advanced, or Aptis ESOL for Teachers. All Aptis ESOL tests are aligned with the CEFR levels. 


Aptis ESOL Advanced can assess higher levels in school age students up to C2 on the CEFR. Find out more about Aptis ESOL Advanced.


Aptis ESOL for Teachers evaluates general English proficiency of teachers, with tasks based on scenarios teachers come across daily. Find out more about Aptis ESOL for Teachers.


Aptis ESOL General is a quick and accessible way to assess school-age learners, certifying their level of English from A1 to B2 under the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). Find out more about Aptis ESOL General