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British Council

Cambridge English: Legal is also known as the International Legal English Certificate (ILEC). This qualification proves to employers that you have the necessary advanced English skills to work successfully in international law.

Level of qualification: Advanced = B2 and C1 on the Common European Framework.

Who should take this exam?

You should take this exam if you currently work, or want to work, in international law. ILEC proves to employers that you can be effective in an English-speaking legal environment. To take the exam you should be able to:

  • read and understand contracts, statutes and legal opinions
  • understand and take part or take notes on legal discussions and presentations
  • write legal letters, memoranda and proposals.

What happens when I take this exam?

There are four parts to the exam. You complete the first three parts on the same day and may need to return to do the Speaking on a different day. You do the Speaking with two examiners and one other exam candidate. All the exam questions will be based on topics and tasks you would experience working in law.

Time allowed 1 hr 15 mins 1 hr 15 mins 40 mins 16 mins
Marks (% of total) 25% 25% 25% 25%