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MyClub is a series of free activities which you'll find within MyClass, designed to help you continue practising your English and improve your level. In MyClub you can practise your speaking with other students and develop your vocabulary on a variety of subjects.

Everyday English

These sessions will help you to improve your speaking fluency and confidence, you will participate in discussions and debates on a variety of subjects. Our classes are focussed on improving your conversation skills, and with Everyday English you'll be able to progress more quickly and notice the difference when you're speaking English.

Language Doctor

In these sessions you'll deepen your knowledge in diverse language areas: use of modal verbs, use of complex phrases and understanding of collocations, so that you can enrich your capacity to express yourself in a variety of situations and on a range of themes, and speak English more confidently and clearly.

Special Events

If you'd like to meet British Council students from other European countries and practise your English with them, you can do this in our Special Events, where you'll discuss interesting cultural and social topics. For example, in one of our recent sessions, our students got to know about the extraordinary history and culture of wine in Georgia, and could share their own knowledge of their respective countries.

We have a wide range of events on different days at different times so that you can join in and continue improving your level of English.