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Our new CLIL Essentials online courses for Primary and Secondary teachers have been developed to help support teachers to deliver curricular subjects in English as well as English language teachers who work in blingual and CLIL contexts (schools).  The courses are epecially valuable to teachers who are new to working in blingual and CLIL projects or have little experience of these.  Our CLIL Essentials courses help teachers develop key skills such as:  

  • scaffolding language
  • task design to support communication
  • anticipating problems and selecting tools to support understanding
  • breaking down information into manageable chunks
  • checking learners' understanding
  • providing relevant and personal feedback

New CLIL Essentials has been highly rated by teachers in Spain completing the course.

Final evaluation questionnaire results CLIL Essentials participants Spain May 2015
90% of Teachers would recommend CLIL Essentials to a colleague
80% of Teachers stated the course was of high quality
78% of Teachers rated the course useful for their teaching

CLIL Essentials courses 2016 - 17

We aim to run two batches of training courses in the next academic year.

CLIL Essentials Primary and Secondary  TBC TBC

Registration is currently closed.

Note: all participants in our CLIL Essentials courses should be able to accredit a B2 level of English.  The following is a guide of acceptable accreditations of level of English.  

Places on the training course will be awarded on a first come first served basis and a waiting list will be opened if necessary.

New CLIL Essentials overview

New CLIL Essentials is a 50 hour online moderated British Council teacher training course made up of 20 core units each with 12 hours of guided learning.  Participants are expected to spend at least 2.5 hours per week on the course.   Our trained e-moderators support and encourage learning through a variety of interactive group work activities. Each module includes a practical assignment and portfolio to demonstrate how teachers apply the course to everyday teaching. You can download a full overview of new CLIL Essentials below.

Introductory Unit 0 Getting started and getting to know your way around our platform
Module 1 Understanding CLIL
Module 2 The language demands of CLIL
Module 3 Effective support for CLIL 1
Module 4 Effective support for CLIL 2
Module 5 Planning, feedback and assessment

The British Council has applied to the Department of Education in the Generalitat of Catalonia for official recognition for both courses.