TYLEC -Teaching Young Learners Extension Certificate

The British Council / Trinity College London TYLEC is an in-service course designed to help qualified English language teachers better understand the needs of their young learners (7-13 years old.) The course was designed by the British Council Spain’s Madrid teaching centres together with Trinity College London. 

TYLEC courses are available exclusively through British Council teaching centres, and are validated and moderated by Trinity. Since 2009, TYLEC courses have been run in Spain, Korea, Romania, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Colombia, Ukraine, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Taipei, Venezuela, Portugal and Greece, with well over 400 teachers receiving the qualification and an almost 100% pass rate. 

TYLEC overview:

Input / Workshop sessions are designed to build Course Participant (CP) knowledge and confidence in areas such as 

  • using resources, 
  • classroom management 
  • lesson planning
  • the context and theory of language teaching and learning 

TYLEC content:

  • over 40 hours of input and assisted lesson planning:  participants complete an Action Points log to help record new ideas and try them out in class
  • six hours of guided observation of experienced practitioners
  • five hours of teaching practice with teachers' own classes; TYLEC tutors support with planning, visit the class and provide feedback
  • CP reflections form part of their learning journal
  • CPs create original class resources in the Materials Assignment which are reviewed by a visiting Trinity moderator 

TYLEC Assignments

There are three assignments:

  1. Developmental Action Points Log and Teaching Practice Journal
  2. Guided Observation Journal
  3. Materials Assignment

These assignments are designed to enable CPs to develop and adapt their own teaching materials and analyse a variety of teaching techniques and language areas. 

TYLEC Teaching Practice Assessment

The TYLEC course has been an overwhelmingly positive experience for me and has given me a plethora of additional ideas as well as increasing my professionalism and my confidence in the classroom.

CPs have five observed teaching practice lessons: one unassessed diagnostic lesson and four assessed lessons (1 hour each). The observation process includes a pre-lesson consultation, lesson planning, CP self-reflection, and both oral and written feedback from the tutor. 

CPs are observed with at least two different age groups and/or levels. Candidates external to the British Council are observed delivering classes to their own groups of students.  

The teaching practice observations take place during the course, with the possibility of make-up observations before the moderation visit from Trinity, if lessons have been failed. Tutors give CPs more direction and guidance in the initial stages of the course about what to teach and how, but the need for this is reduced over the course as CPs gain confidence in their own teaching skills and develop their expertise.

TYLEC at the British Council in Spain

We run TYLEC courses for teachers each academic year at our centres in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Bilbao.  


If you would like further information before then please contact Lesley Keast.

We look forward to welcoming you to one of our TYLEC courses in Spain.