Bilingual education in Spain

We have been working since 1996 with the Departamento de Educación, Política Lingüística y Cultura to support the implementation, development and evaluation of bilingual education throughout Spain.  The project has been pioneering for both Spain and Europe, and has inspired other governments and education authorities to develop bilingual education and Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)  projects in their schools.

A bilingual education:

  • Increases opportunities and global mobility for young people 
  • Prepares young people to succeed in a multicultural society
  • Provides young people with access to education through collaborative technology
  • Inspires young people to engage as global citizens
  • Inspires and encourages teachers and policy makers to innovate

We have seen how a CLIL and bilingual approach to teaching and learning has benefits beyond increasing confidence and capacity to communicate in English. The British Council is proud of our legacy in Spain promoting, developing and supporting bilingual education. We continue to work with National and Regional Authorities in Spain when requested.