Famed British film, motion picture, theater and television actor, whose portrayal in Sherlock Holmes and his role as an antagonist in 'Star Trek Into Darkness' have made him one of the biggest names in the film paradigm. This biography talks about the 'Cumberverse' universe, since a whole world has been created around him, to the point that his fans have created a new vocabulary based on his name: Cumberheart, Cumberbrain, Cumbercheekbones, Cumberface ...

But who is Benedict Cumberbatch and why do teens, his parents, and everyone else love him so much? Find out in this interesting biography, which reveals personal aspects of his life, endearing moments from his childhood and why this great actor has achieved such resounding success. 144 pages, enriched with 85 color photographs that show the versatility of Benedict and his great professional career ... Don't miss it! 

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