Student at UK university

Fees for UK courses as well as available financial support will vary depending on the level of study, programme of study and where in the UK you decide to study.  Generally, international students can expect to pay between £10,000 and £26,000 annually, and typically an undergraduate degree course will last for three years. We advise that students should check the cost of course fees with the university or college they are applying to, as universities set the fees themselves.

Remember that UK institutions will also provide information regarding additional financial support for students from the EU (for example scholarships, grants and bursaries).   And do not forget that some institutions in Spain, including Santander UniversidadesLa Caixa and many foundations have grants available to help Spanish students study in the UK.

Find more guidance on fees, scholarships, visas and more in our new Study UK Guide for Advisors (Europe). Available to download at the end of this page. 

Join our next Study UK: Meet the universities event to browse 53 university profiles with information on scholarships for EU students.  Our event is live 14-25 February 2022 but all webinars and recordings are available when you register.  

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