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1. How is Brexit going to affect the Spanish students who want to study or who are studying in the UK?

European students will no longer pay local fees nor have access to the Government Loan for degrees and postgraduate qualifications for courses starting after 1 August 2021 unless they have settled or pre-settled status.  Latest information regarding EU student in the UK is available at the following UK Government webpage.     

Many UK universities are offering reduced fees to EU students or maintaining fees for European students in line with those paid by British students.  We will publish a list of these shortly.  Meanwhile you can take a look at the fee information as provided by the universities you are interested in studying at.  

2. What will happen to Erasmus students?

The projects successfully bid for during the current (2014-2020) Erasmus+ and ESC programmes will continue to receive EU funding for the full duration of the project, including those where funding runs beyond 2020. Find out more information about the transition period of the Erasmus programme here.

From September 2021 on, thousands of students will be able to study and do work placements across the world through the Turing scheme, a new programme that replaces the UK’s participation in Erasmus+. Find out more information about the new programme here.

3. Do I need a visa to study in the UK?

From 2021, students travelling to the UK to study a degree or postgraduate qualification at a UK university or take part in an exchange programme, including Erasmus require a visa.  Language courses lasting less than 6 months are exempt from this requirement.  Your university will be able to provide you with guidance and support on this.  Your university is your sponsor  for the application and entry to the UK.   You can see all of the latest information about the visa application process at the UK Govenment's webpage

4. Will qualifications gained in UK universities be officially recognised in Spain?

Recognition of qualifications is not affected by Brexit but qualifications for professions which are regulated will require acceptance by the regulator of the profession unless there is a bilateral agreement between the UK and Spanish government or between the UK and Spanish regulators of the profession.

5. Can I access a Spanish university with British qualifications?

The Royal Decree of 29 December 2020 maintains access to the Spanish university system in 2021 for students with British qualifications such as A-Levels or  BTECs.  The UK mainains recognition of Spanish qualifications, IB and other European qualifications for access to UK universities.