Open registration for our January to June courses for 2-17 year olds : An opportunity to help them step up a level in their English learning for the new year. We also offer online courses to prepare for Cambridge examinations with a teacher so that Secondary students can gain the certificate they need for their next academic goals. More information below. 

We firmly believe that the way for children and young people to learn is by creating a fun, participative and inclusive environment. By incorporating this philosophy into our classes, we make sure young learners enjoy the learning process while at the same time improving their English. Students learn in a natural way whilst acquiring basic skills which will serve them well in the future.

Taking the lead in their own English course

Students progress with confidence and develop independence when they get involved in their own learning programme. We help children to achieve the necessary skills to continue their learning journey in English.

You too play a part in their learning

Parents are an essential part of the educational process. We encourage you to play an active role in your children’s learning, at parents’ meetings and using class materials at home to reinforce what is learnt in class.

Our teachers

By working with only the best professionals we can guarantee excellence in teaching quality. Our teachers have internationally recognised qualifications and at least two years of experience. Additionally, many also obtain specialised qualifications which certify their experience in teaching children, and also continue their training in numerous seminars throughout the year. This continuing dedication guarantees that your child can learn from experts skilled in making classes attractive, useful and fun.

Alternative plan in case of lockdown

The British Council can count on online learning platforms such as learning hub for Primary Plus and Secondary Plus. They work in parallel with our courses, allowing us to provide a completely adaptable face to face programme which can move online if circumstances require.

Additionally we offer an online programme of activities called English Extra Online for students in Primary Plus and Secondary Plus, so our students can continue improving their English outside class time.

Choose the right course for your child