Cursos de inglés online para niños

Live English courses online for young learners from 8 to 17 years old

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Our highest quality offer, now online

Our academic year online courses are a perfect combination of virtual classes with the teacher, projects with clear learning objectives and individual activities that allow them to integrate the learnt language from the course. This way, we ensure they have fun whilst they learn. 

Experts in virtual classes

At the British Council we can count on long international experience in virtual English classes. This experience has provided us with specific systems and methodology designed for the online space with proven efficacy over a number of years.

Maximum flexibility

We want your child to take full advantage of the course to improve their English, for that reason, our online courses have been designed with maximum flexibility in mind. 

Primary: 8 to 11 years. Confidence and creativity.

  • LIVE ONLINE CLASSES WITH A TEACHER: Students will follow our famous Primary Plus programme, and each week they will focus on a module based on a real life subject with a series of projects to complete.
  • GUIDED ACTIVITIES: on the learning hub platform students will engage in activities such as puzzles, tests and songs which will help them to prepare online sessions with their teacher. They will also be able to send their projects to their teacher for evaluation.

The art of combining these elements is what makes us different and unique, creating a positive dynamic in the group which boosts learning for all students and encourages personal development.

Secondary: 12 to 17 years. Preparing for a global environment.

Our online courses for young learners at secondary and Bachillerato level are structured as follows:

  • LIVE ONLINE CLASSES WITH A TEACHER: based on Secondary Plus, an exclusive British Council programme which prepares our students to communicate with confidence in English in international environments. In this course they will develop a written project, presentation or debate. These projects will help students to express themselves in English and to develop their communicative abilities, group work, and digital skills - all of which are key competencies in the 21st Century.
  • CONNECTING CULTURES: where students have an opportunity to contact and collaborate with British Council students from other countries, working on tasks where they can share similar or different aspects of their culture. These activities give an international dimension to our teaching programme.

Exam Preparation

Our exam preparation online courses will help your child obtain the best result at the Cambridge English exams: Preliminary for Schools B1,  First for Schools B2 , Advanced C1 or Proficiency C2.

We will prepare your child to obtain the best result possible on their Cambridge English exam. Through exercises, mock examinations from real papers and the study of techniques to overcome each one of the tests, our teachers, experts in these exams, will ensure your child reaches the exam as prepared as possible. The course is also designed so the child : 

  • perfects grammar that corresponds to the exam he/she is preparing for.
  • expands lexic related to the most common themes to the particular exam. 
  • practices all the English abilities: speaking, listening, reading and writing. 

English Extra

Each trimester your child will have the opportunity to continue improving his/her English at the same time as they learn new abilites with activities such as coding,crafts or cooking, or a session such as Escape Room.

They will be able to join live webinars with one of our experts from the British Council, in which pupils interact with the presenter through chat or through surveys. 

Pupils from exam preparation groups will also be able to join the Exam Masterclass webinar to learn tricks and advice for the exam. They will also be able to do more mock papers for the Reading & Use of English and listening with our series of exam packs, and improve their writing with our Exams Writing Extra service. 

We will send the activity schedule once the course commences. 

Dates and Timetables

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