Translation and verification for British Schools in Spain

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Certification Services (for students)

Important information: March 2021
Due to the current Coivd situation our certification services have reduced availability.  Please contact us at for further information regarding appointments.      

We offer a certification service of photocopies of your original documents at our offices in Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia. We do not verify original documents.

This service costs 40€ for up to a maximum of five separate documents which can be paid by debit or credit card during your appointment. You can book an appointment by e-mailing us at  

When you come to your appointment you must bring your original UK documents and the photocopies to be certified. For audit purposes the British Council will keep a copy of every document certified in a secure file for a period of seven years.

To certify your original UK documents for legalisation purposes please note that you should do this via public notary in the UK. For further information please see the guidance provided on notary services by the UK Government 

Guidance on requesting certified copies of language exam certificates

Cambridge English Language Assessment certificates 
  • Copies of Cambridge certificates issued from 2005 can be certified by Cambridge English Language Assessment at C/ Alcalá 21 - 3º IZQ.
  • For copies of Cambridge certificates issued before 2005 please contact Cambridge English Language Assessment directly on 91 541 24 22 or 91 559 50 10.  
  • For non residents in Madrid certified copies can be requested by e-mailing an electronic copy of the certificate to
  • Duplicate Test Report Forms can be requested if these are to be presented to an institution you need to send a report to an institution.
  • One duplicate copy may be requested free or charge.  However a charge of 8€ will be applied for other copies beyond this.
  • Copies can be requested for up to two years from the date of issue of the original certificate
  • Up to five copies of an IELTS certificate can be requested on registration.  These copies will be sent to the universities or educational institutes of your choice. 
  • For further please see the published Terms and Conditions for IELTS registration.  

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