A world-class education 

The UK offers you a world-class education, internationally respected qualifications and outstanding career prospects. 
UK universities are proud to be international communities, welcoming and benefitting students from all over the world.  

Graduates from UK universities have higher employment rates than graduates from most other developed countries

According to the UK Government's latest employability statistics from 2015 86.6% of graduates and 87.3% of postgraduate students ( 21 to 30 year olds) are in full time employment.   


Campus life at UK universities is truly international with an outward-looking culture.

  • One in every six students at UK universities are from outseide the UK..that's 436,585 students!
  • Currently over 125,000 EU students study at UK universities and this is 5% of the entire student body
  • More than 25% of the UK's academic university staff are from outside the UK -  55,000 experts from over 180 countries

Important:  current EU students as well as those beginning studies in 2017 will continue to be treated in the same way as UK students and will pay the same fees.

We come recommended

You choice of degree or post-graduate programme is one of the biggest decisions you will make so it is good to remember that the UK's world class reputation comes from having one of the strongest systems for quality assurance in the world.

The UK has the highest international student experience satisfaction ratings for English-speaking countries.