If you’ve resolved to start taking maximum care of mind and body in January but you’re not sure how to do it, the audiobook Unlikely Positions in Unlikely Places by Elizabeth Gowing is a good place to start. It describes the author's adventures as she travels around Britain to join others who practice yoga and reveals just how up to date this shared experience that runs silently through British society is. An entertaining and revealing way to approach this ancient practice. For adults.

Thank goodness love is in the air to liven up the otherwise gloomy month of February! With this in mind our recommendation for the month is the ebook Love in Lockdown by Chloe James, a romantic and optimistic interpretation of what might happen when circumstances oblige us to connect with our community and discover what is really important in life. For adults.

What better way to celebrate International Women's Day on March 8 than with Girl, Woman, Others, the magnificent 2019 Booker Prize-winning novel by Bernardine Evaristo, uniting poetry, social history, women's voices and beyond. Through the stories of 12 women over 100 years of English history to the present day, the book talks to us about racism, feminism, transsexuality, immigration and what it means to form part of a minority. As essential as it is captivating. Audiobook for adults.

In April the anniversaries of Shakespeare's birth and death are commemorated on International Book Day on 23rd of the month. Why not join the celebrations by watching an outstanding Royal Shakespeare Company production of Othello directed by Iqbal Khande, theatre “at its finest” thanks to the Bard of Avon. For young adults and adults.

National Technology Day is celebrated on May 11 and since the Internet is now an integral part of our lives, don’t miss this hilarious story of siblings’ rivalry and love. I Swapped My Brother On The Internet by Jo Simmons tells the story of Jonny, who fed up with his older brother's teasing decides to swap him for a more appropriate brother on the internet ... what he doesn’t know is what awaits him after his decision and how much he’ll miss his older brother! Ebook for young adults.

In June we join the LGBTQ + groups to promote tolerance, equal rights before the law, non-discrimination and people’s right to dignity. To delve deeper into gender inequalities and dismantle the belief that men's and women's brains are inherently different, we recommend the ebook Delusions of Gender by Cordelia Fine, a brilliant feminist critique of neuroscience told with insight and humour. For adults.

There’s no better way to cope with July’s summer heat than by watching the interactive short film Fun in the sun, a delightful adventure in which the characters talk to birds, dance in the sun, greet the rain, drink lemonade in summer. ... A wonderful learning experience for the youngest members of the house. For children.

Travelling via our screens is easy in August, thanks to a range of publications in our digital kiosk such as National Geographic Traveller, BBC's Countryfile or Wanderlust. Magazines for young adults and adults.

After what we hope will have been a relaxed summer, September is a great time to recharge batteries and recover good habits. To help, we’ve prepared a selection of health and sports magazines such as Women's Health or Men's Health. Magazines for young adults and adults.

October is “Black History Month”, defending the rights and celebrating the achievements and culture of black people in the UK and the rest of the world. In this context it’s worth getting to know one of the most powerful voices in new British writing. Jay Bernard’s award-winning collection of poetry Surge is a pioneering work of memory and activism, both political and personal, witness and documentary, that sheds much-needed light on an unacknowledged chapter in British history, resonating powerfully in our present moment. Audiobook for adults.

Music is the theme for November and the Digital Library concert selection ranges from latest releases to classics like The Song Remains the Same, a Led Zeppelin concert recorded during three days at Madison Square Garden or The Great Pretender, a documentary about the projects King Freddy Mercury's undertook without Queen. For young adults and adults.

Why not surprise family and friends in December withan innovative and tasty range of Christmas menus? Take a look at the delicious recipes included in the popular British magazine, BBC Good food: Let's celebrate Xmas together and you’ll be a culinary star! For adults.