Concert - Romeo y Juliet composed by Berlioz

Artic Monkeys once said “Oh, there ain't no love, no Montagues or Capulets”. Shakespeare’s eternal work has been revisited over and over again for centuries. This time, the Librarians recommend Berlioz’s “supreme drama of his life”, his very production of “Romeo and Juliet”, in the form of the London Symphony Orchestra’s recording.

Berlioz has often been called “Beethoven’s son”, and this time it’s clear why, the structure of this symphonic play is very similar to some Ludwig’s Symphonies. This particular piece was premiered in Paris in the presence of Richard Wagner among many other celebrities.

The reconciliation between the Montagues and the Capulets is given much more importance in this play than in the original text, perhaps due to Berlioz’s extraordinary clairvoyance and his certainty that love is, almost, all we need. The recording is neat, the orchestra is crystal clear sounding and it is augustly directed by Gregiev in one of his most beautiful interpretations of this timeless classic. 

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