Saturday 17 February 2018 -
21:00 to 22:00

El Paracaidista and the British Council launch a series of British documentaries in original version. The second in the series is about Vivian Maier. 

Vivian Maier took over 150,000 stunning photographs so exceptional it is almost impossible to believe that anyone other than a professional photographer had taken them. Before she died in 2009, the photographs were discovered in storage lockers and sold without her knowledge. A tough street photographer, Vivian was a secret poet of suburbia; her arresting, astringent and deeply personal images are a window into America in the 1950s and 60s, with a haunting magical beauty and a wicked sense of humour. Most of her photographs were never developed, seen just once in the viewfinder of her camera as she took them. In her lifetime Vivian never exhibited or shared her work with others; now the Vivian Maier phenomenon has gone viral, with her work selling for thousands of dollars. Her collection was a treasure trove for those who found it, and a classic parable of art: working for oneself, for no reward, and being recognised and celebrated only after death.

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