Saturday 03 December 2022 - 19:00 to Sunday 04 December 2022 - 22:00
Aguilar Film Festival, Palencia

Once again, the British Council, in association with the British Academy of Film and Television Art (BAFTA), presents BAFTA Shorts 2022, a programme dedicated to promoting the nominated and selected shorts of the EE British Academy Film Awards latest edition. On this occasion the shorts will be screened at the Aguilar Film Festival in Palencia on 3rd and 4th December.    

The 2022 edition is composed of the eight shorts that competed for Best British Short and Best British Animation Short, of which three belong to this last category. This year, the fiction piece “The Black Cop” took home the Prize for Best British Short, while “Do not Feed the Pigeons” won the Prize for Best British Animation Short.   

Through the BAFTA Shorts 2022 programme, both the British Council and BAFTA aim to highlight the talent and diversity of British filmmakers, focusing on the United Kingdom’s long tradition in short film production. During the scheduled events, the audience will be able to view the six nominated shorts, as well as the two award-winning works, in original version with Spanish subtitles. The Aguilar Film Festival will present a single screening session, whereas the Laboral Cinemateca will divide its screenings throughout two days. The estimated total time of the films is 148 minutes. Please note that the shorts are not suitable for children under 16 years of age.   


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