Friday 28 August 2020 to Sunday 30 August 2020

British notes at the Big Book Festival in Warsaw

The 8th edition of Warsaw’s international festival of reading and arts will run from 28-30 August both in the city space and at the  website. This year’s theme is PURE LOVE and the program includes a major event presenting literature from the United Kingdom.

One of the festival’s international guests is professor Carolyn Steel – the London based architect, food visionary and TED speaker who will present her groundbreaking views from the latest book Sitopia: How Food Can Save The World. The audience can participate in the conversation on Sunday, 30 August at 14.00 CET in Centrum Łowicka (Łowicka 21) or follow online at 

For more English-language events visit the Big Book Festival website or follow social media feeds.

British Council is partner of the festival.