Thursday 28 October 2021 -
16:00 to 17:00

"Same aim, different means: towards global cooperation in the fight for gender equality” #MusicEqualityForum 

In the framework of the next edition of BIME Pro, the largest music industry showcase in Spain, the British Council is set to take part in the first edition of the Music Equality Forum, a space created with the aim of bringing together the principal national initiatives and international organisations that promote a more equitable, inclusive, fair and diverse music industry. This will be the first major meeting between a selection of national and international organisations including MIM, Keychange, Ruidosa, We Are Equals, Femnøise, MUSAP and

With Natalia San Juan (Director of Femnøise), Ludovic Assémat (Head of Arts at British Council Spain, Director of #WeAreEquals and spain board member), Carmen Zapata (President MIM and Manager of ASACC), Mia Ternström (Project Manager of Keychange) and Camila González (Ruidosa's Communication Director).

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