Monday 14 September 2020 -
17:00 to 18:00

As the publisher Capitán Swing rightly points out "over the centuries, social sciences and universal literature have proved to be valuable tools to help us understand our reality at every stage in history".

In this new episode in our season of interviews with British authors published in Spain, we’ll be talking to the prestigious British epidemiologist Adam Kucharski who in February of this year published "The Rules of Contagion", a book for the general public which offers compelling insights into human behaviour and explains how we can get better at predicting what happens next.

We’ll be joined by Blanca Cambronero, editor at Capital Swing, Adam's publisher in Spain, together with Alejandro Sánchez, winner of the latest Spanish edition of Famelab, an international competition promoted by the British Council with the aim of promoting the communication of science in the form of scientific monologue, and whose final in Spain was held on September 9.

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