Wednesday 25 November 2020 -
12:00 to 13:00

In this new edition of “Brit 'Lit: It's Time to Talk”, our series of interviews with British authors published in Spain carried out in partnership with La Térmica de Málaga, we’ll be focusing on two thrillers written by the authors Emily Barr and Elly Griffiths and published in Spain by Ediciones Maeva. Their female protagonists, sinister characters, evocative landscapes and plots full of twists and turns will keep you on tenterhooks until the last page.

Emily Barr worked for many years as a journalist until she decided to drop everything to travel for a year as a backpacker. From that trip around the world the idea of “Backpack”, her first book was born, and since then she has published twelve titles. Today she’ll be talking about "The Sleeper", an absorbing and intriguing novel reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock’s most enthralling mysteries.

We'll also be talking to Elly Griffith about "The Crossing Places", the first novel in her hit series starring forensic archaeologist Ruth Galloway set on the North Norfolk salt marshes. On this occasion, the Iron Age and its prehistoric rituals take centre stage when it comes to solving mysterious disappearances that occurred in modern times.

The editors Mathilde Sommeregger ("The Sleeper") and Susana Herman ("The Crossing Places ") from the Spanish publisher Ediciones Maeva will be joining us on the programme to discuss the background of the publication of these two novels in Spain.

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