Tuesday 15 November 2016 to Wednesday 16 November 2016

Cafés Scientifiques on “Sustainable Cities”.

Café Scientifique provides a framework for the public to engage in an informal and accessible debate on current scientific issues. These cafés scientifiques are part of a series on “Sustainable Cities” organised by the British Council and La Casa Encendida. In this new edition we are going to focus on “Sustainable Buildings”.

15 November, 19:30h: Sustainable buildings – sustainable refurbishment 
Speakers: Fran Bradshaw, Partner Anne Thorne Architects LLP y AECB Deputy Chair y Antonio Baño Nieva, Deputy Director, School of Architecture,  University of Alcalá de Henares.

16 November, 19:30h: Sustainable buildings – sustainable new building
Speakers: Andy Campbell, Associate Director Buildings Arup y Susana Moreno, architect and researcher at the European University of Madrid

These cafés scientifique are part of the Semana de la Ciencia de Madrid 

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