Thursday 26 January 2017 -
17:00 to 18:00

An Encounter with Bryony Lavery.

In the context of our programme “New Drama” promoting the newest British drama in Spain, the British Council is supporting the visit of the playwright Bryony Lavery to Madrid on occasion of the premiere of her adaptation for the stage of Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel “Treasure Island”, translated into Spanish by José Luis Collado.

“Treasure Island” is not just a tale of pirates and adventures, of ships and treasure maps. This masterpiece by Robert Louis Stevenson is an irrefutable story of human greed at the same time as an elegy to friendship and above all a reflexion on the transition from childhood to adulthood.

Bryony Lavery’s stage version is faithful to the spirit of the novel, its topics and its portrayal of the complexity of the human soul. Its intrepid hero Jim Hawkins is in this case a girl who doesn’t resign herself to the role History wishes to reserve for her since as she herself says, “girls also need adventures.

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