Saturday 19 October 2019 to Friday 01 November 2019

Flare Films is a programme of nine recent short films from the UK that have all been shown at BFI Flare, London's LGBT Film Festival.

Five of the films in the programme have featured in FiveFilms4Freedom, the world's widest-reaching LGBT online short film programme.

Since 2015, every March, as BFI Flare is taking place in London, FiveFilms4Freedom has made five films from the festival available online to a global audience, building to a single campaign day when people everywhere are encouraged to watch and share the films, in solidarity with LGBT communities in countries where freedom and equal rights are limited. In 2017, the films were watched by 1.8 million viewers in over 200 countries.

The British Film Institute's BFI Flare festival was established in 1986as the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival and is one of the world's longest running LGBT film events. The programme offers a wide variety of features, shorts, special screenings, television programmes and genre retrospectives on LGBT subjects from around the globe.


We Love Moses (Dionne Edwards)
Strings (Richard Turley)
Jamie (Christopher Manning)
I am a Woman (Kai Fiáin y Azara Meghie)
Take your Partners (Siri Rodnes)
Where Are We Now (Lucie Rachel)
Crush (Rosie Westhoff) 
Balcony (Toby Fell-Holden)
Chance (Jake Graf)

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