Thursday 06 June 2024 - 20:00 to Sunday 16 June 2024 - 00:00
Instituto Francés

Mostra FIRE!!, Spain's pioneering LGBTQI+ film festival is back. Celebrate its 29th edition from 6-16 June at the French Institute in Barcelona with a programme rish in exciting stories, unique perspectives and celebrations of diversity on the big screen. Through national and international documentaries, feature films and shorts, the festival will serve as a platform for representation and reflection on the experiences of hte LGBTQI+ community throughout the world.

Since its first edition, Mostra FIRE!! has positioned itself as an inclusive space for the showcasing of films that explore diverse aspects of sexual identity and gender, as well as the battles and triumphs that people within the community undergo. This year, with a completely renovated image in which colour is its main character and with the motto "plant stories, harvest memories", the mostra wishes to highlight the importance of film festivals as spaces to achieve a better and bigger promotion of LGBTQI+ film at a global scale. Thanks to their showcase of stories, they are able to plant a seed towards a collective memory, preserving the visibility of these stories and becoming references for younger generations. 

Additionlly, on 13 June at 20:00 h you are invited to attend the screening of the short film Neo Nahda. This collaboration between franco-lebanese director May Ziadé and British producer Antonia Luxem tells the story of a young Arab girl in London who finds a photograph of women cross-dressing in 1920s Cairo and begins a journey towards understanding her own identity. Neo Nahda forms part of the British Council's touring film programme More Films for Freedom. Come celebrate diversity while you plant stories and harvest memories!

The festival's films are not recommended for children under the age of 16.

Neo Nahda
Writer/Director | May Ziade | Producer | Antonia Luxem

A young Arab woman in London finds a photograph of women cross-dressing in 1920s Cairo. She starts a feverish journey that leads her to uncover lost histories and her own identity. 

Find the festival's full programme here.

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