Sunday 20 June 2021 -
12:30 to 14:00

Kosmopolis is a biennial literary event that has been held at the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona since 2002.  It promotes a concept of amplified literature and is open to all those manifestations of the spoken, printed and digital word that erode the division between genres and invest in its own future.

Under the heading “The Literature that’s Coming” Kosmopolis 21 will be exploring literature for the age of climate emergency, literature that shuns classification, where genres mingle, and each work is an exploration of uncharted territories. 

After ascending the mountains of the mind, plunging into unspoilt nature, and walking the most ancient paths, Robert Macfarlane, a world reference of nature writing, has travelled beneath the Earth’s surface, in “Underland”** to bring us closer to the depths of time. The book, an encyclopaedia of the subsoil with reports on tombs, mines, glaciers, and nuclear waste disposal facilities, is the starting point for this discussion with Gabi Martínez, promotor of the idea of “Liternatura”. More information here

** Available in digital format at the British Council Digital Library. Membership is open to everyone, free of charge and includes access to more than 150,000 documents, ebooks, audiobooks, concerts, plays, films, online training sessions, international press and magazines. Information on how to join here

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