Friday 29 June 2018 -
22:00 to 23:15

Matthew Herbert’s Brexit big Band in Madrid.

We’re proud to be opening Veranos de la Villa 2018  with a concert that for many reasons promises to be unique and extraordinary. Madrid is to host Matthew Herbert’s Brexit Big Band which on this occasion will be joined by over 50 musicians from the city together with members of the Madrid Polytechnic University Choir. This concert forms part of a wider project created by the British musician Matthew Herbert in answer to the context and climate that has emerged from the Brexit process. This collaborative project is due to last two years (in parallel to the Brexit process). His big band, reunited for the occasion, will tour Europe with a series of concerts, workshops and recording sessions in collaboration with musicians, singers, choirs, big bands and writers from each place. The project will culminate with the recording and release of an album in which more than a thousand musicians from all over Europe will have participated. In a climate of political division, and in reaction to the attitude that "we are better alone," Herbert celebrates multiculturalism, understanding, collaboration, exchange and friendship between citizens and countries beyond borders.

Matthew Herbert is a prolific and accomplished musician, artist, producer and writer whose range of works extends from albums to numerous projects. Since the 90’s his music has moved between experimental, electronic, minimalist and jazz.

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