Tuesday 03 March 2020 to Wednesday 04 March 2020

The British Council is participating in ‘MUTEK ES Symposium: interconnectivity and empowerment’ organized by MUTEK ES following the global commitment of the MUTEK International Network to contribute to the empowerment of women creators in digital arts and electronic music, and give greater visibility to  marginalized creative scenes.

On behalf of the UK Becci Scotcher (PRS Foundation), Laetitia Deering (Annex Agency), Ludovic Assémat (British Council Spain) and  Valeria Zamparolo (British Council Argentina) will present their respective initiatives and success cases to promote greater equality and diversity in this sector such as #WeAreEquals and Amplify. 

It is an initiative inspired by the success of the AMPLIFY program, created by the British Council in partnership with the MUTEK festival and Somerset House Studios that connects an active network of artists and curators who identify as women working in digital arts and various immersive narrative projects in Argentina, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru and Great Britain.

 The British Council Spain, within its #WeAreEquals program, has presented the #WeAreEquals Music Academy created with the object of enabling women artists and producers of electronic music to grow professionally.  The program focuses especially on supporting the presence of women in the music industry, the creative development of artists and internationalization of careers.

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