Wednesday 21 April 2021 to Thursday 22 April 2021

Under the title  "A future without gender", MUTEK Symposium will take place next April 21 and 22 in a hybrid format (physical and virtual) - the first joint edition of the Gender and Diversity Symposium of MUTEKES and MUTEKAR

During two days, an extensive program of speakers, and more than 300 projects, institutions and professionals at a global level, who work with a gender perspective, will meet in Swapcard, the virtual platform.

"What would a world without gender distinction be like? If we can imagine it, we should be able to create it. What structural, social, economic, environmental, emotional and technological changes must we take into account to make that change a reality? What commitments are we willing to make? What roles and structures should we change to promote a future without gender? "

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