Thursday 07 April 2016 -
19:00 to 20:00

Nell Leyhson together with Soledad Puértolas, Marcos Giralt and Vicente Molina pay tribute to Shakespeare and Cervantes.

Lunatics, Lovers and Poets: Twelve Stories after Cervantes and Shakespeare at the Spanish National Library.

To commemorate the 400th anniversary of the deaths of William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes, The British Council, Acción Cultural Española, Hay festival, And Other Stories and Galaxia Gutenberg have selected twelve contemporary international authors to each write an original and previously unpublished story as their tribute to these giants of world literature. In order to celebrate the international influence of both writers and offer us new and intriguing perspectives on them, six English-speaking authors have taken inspiration from Cervantes and his work, while six Spanish-language authors have written stories inspired by Shakespeare. The authors are Ben Okri, Deborah Levy, Kamila Shamsie, Yuri Herrera, Marcos Giralt Torrente, Juan Gabriel Vásquez, Vicente Molina Foix, Soledad Puértolas, Hisham Matar, Nell Leyshon, Rhidian Brook and Valeria Luiselli. An introduction by Salman Rushdie explores the liberating legacy of Cervantes and Shakespeare for contemporary fiction.

Read the first chapter of this book (in Spanish) here. 

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