Friday 27 January 2017 -
09:00 to 12:00

PÚBLICA17: Brexit, digital revolution, where are the arts?

For the fifth year in a row the British Council has joined forces with Pública 17, a conference organised by the Fundación Contemporánea in the Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid, to provide a snapshot of the most innovative and groundbreaking initiatives in the British cultural sector.

The post-referendum context this year presents a true challenge to artistic players and provokes important questions, not just in Europe but also in the United Kingdom. While the supporters to leave the European Union made up 51.9% of the vote the cultural sector voted massively to remain (96% according to the Creative Industries Federation). Despite the activism displayed by a range of personalities from the arts during the campaign such as Benedict Cumberbatch, Carol Ann Duffy, Jarvis Cocker, Anish Kapoor or Keira Knightley several directors of cultural organisations underlined the lack of connection which seems to exist between the sector and its audience. What role con culture and cultural stakeholders play in this context? This will be the theme of the debate led by Andy Mackay at 9am on Friday 27th January in the Círculo de Bellas Artes.

Brexit is not the only challenge that British cultural organisations face in 2017. The surge in digital consumption has given way to new issues in audience development in museums, theatres and concert halls. The Royal Academy of Arts, founded in the XVIII century, will present the strategy it has designed for the 21st century.

Building a digital content strategy: lessons from journalism

The internet has challenged traditional “content" industries, transforming – or closing – newspapers, record labels and publishers. But as people search for meaningful experiences, what opportunities does the internet offer cultural institutions? What lessons can we learn from journalism? Former Times journalist Louise Cohen will present the editorial strategy the Royal Academy of Arts has introduced in the run-up to the institution's 250th birthday, and review projects including the recent virtual exhibition experience, Ai Weiwei 360.

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