Thursday 31 January 2019

Screens have invaded the creative industries with the ever increasing use of Virtual Reality tools. From the BBC’s or The Guardian’s immersive documentaries to the 360 ° videos of the National Ballet of Spain or singer Sampha’s video clip, virtual reality represents a challenge for content producers and a new approach in the relationship between creators and audience. The British Council and Fundación Telefónica, in collaboration with APP Date and Limina Inmersive, are leading on the thinking taking place in the sector on these questions through the creation of the first festival of virtual reality in our country: the #XRFest. 

Pública19 will be the occasion to review the sector and feel it’s pulse both in the United Kingdom and Spain thanks to the presentations of Elena González de la Fuente, Head of the Virtual Reality Space at the Telefónica Foundation and Ludovic Assémat, Head of Arts of the British Council in Spain.