Reading Challenge fiesta - Bilbao
Saturday 28 March 2015 -
18:00 to 23:59
Azkuna Zentroa Bilbao

Our storytelling course finishes with a grand party in the Culture Atrium at Azkuna Zentroa.

During the party we’ll be having great fun with cooperative games and storytelling amongst other surprises. There will also be prize-giving in which participants will receive their diplomas and medals. 

Do children really read less?

Such has been the success of the activity that we now enjoy a very close collaboration with the AlhÓndiga and other public libraries in Bilbao.  In addition to attending storytelling sessions there every weekend the winners are able to celebrate their success in the Challenge in a grand party full of games, music and prizes. 

Our teachers are fully aware of the need to nurture the reading habit from an early age and they encourage their students to become regular visitors to their library as well as taking part in many other related activities such as writing, vocabulary and pronunciation.

For next year our objective is to promote the competition amongst older students.  Indeed we have already held a small competition this term to kindle their interest.

Undoubtedly reading is essential if we are to improve vocabulary, fluency and expressions, and this is especially so in the learning of a language so we are highly satisfied to be playing this role in encouraging younger learners to read.