Thursday 10 March 2022 -
19:00 to 20:30

Don't miss the next screenings of "Sound Trilogy", a trilogy of films made in collaboration with Boiler Room, exploring how cities shape the influences and creative processes of musicians and artists. These films focus on the collective, sometimes DIY approach many artists take, to give an insight into how emerging creative scenes develop in the UK.

The screening will be preceded by a round table, moderated by Chari Prima and with the participation of Dj Renato Sant Jordi and members of the Velvetine Collective, to introduce the themes of the short films and establish a dialogue from the perspective of Palma’s underground electronic music scene.

In 2016, Beyond A BPM, directed by Chris Read, focused on London, exploring the city’s creative dynamic through the eyes of the musicians, producers and designers who are blurring the lines between art, music and fashion, featuring Gaika, Visionist, Liam Hodges, James Massiah and Sports Militia.

In 2017, Glasgow’s New Wave, directed and produced by Ramone Anderson showed how Scotland’s “second city” is much more than house and techno and how young pioneers are shaking up the old ideas about what club nights could be and what Scottish youth should sound like.  Featured in the film are Heka Trax boss Nightwave, Astral Black label head Jon Phonics and label crew Bushido, Rapture 4D and DJ Milktray, emerging grime producer Polonis, OH141 promoter and DJ Sarra Wild, Big Miz, Femme Fresh and more, all of whom paint a vibrant, alternate picture of underground music culture in Glasgow. 

Fleshback, directed by Stephen Isaac-Wilson, is the latest in the trilogy and tells the story of alternative queer raving in Manchester and nearby Salford, from the 1980s to the present day. Fleshback uncovers that same spirit of mutuality and a DIY punk ethic, giving rise to nights where “homos, heteros, lesbos, don’t knows” (Homo Electric) feel free to be who they want to be against a soundtrack that puts music before politics. Fleshback touches on key moments and influences over the past decades of UK history which have helped to shape the contemporary scene with contributions from Homo Electric, Meat Free, Body Horror and High Hoops.

Free event. More information on the Centre Flassaders website.

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